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“Din firma” (meaning “Your company”) is a full-service supplier for electrical or plumbing entrepreneurs. With “Din firma” you can free up time for your passion, your craft, or for other things you value but do not have time for.We help both start-ups and already active people
who want to take the next step towards increased profitability and efficient and easy management of their company.

Maybe you have heard of, or used, Elweb? The first web-based work order system in the electricity industry was a success. Micael Mattsson founded the electrical installation company CombiConsult in 2005 and then developed Elweb based on his own experience and frustration over the paper jungle and the long time required for compilation and invoicing. In 2010, Elweb was sold to a well-known player in business systems. Now – a few years and several projects later – the next-generation platform is on its way!

Together with industry experienced Pär Undin, former partner and CEO of CombiConsult, and a business development team from the financial industry, we take the success concept Elweb to a new level and offer a full-service solution for you who are an electrical or plumbing entrepreneur. Everything from work order processing to invoicing, on to accounting and salaries – gathered in one place. Still with the same goal – to offer the industry’s most easy-to-use business system. “Din firma” – “Your company” – quite simply!

Our business concept:
“Din firma” simplifies and creates conditions for the entrepreneur to focus on their craft, increase their competitiveness and to take the next step towards a safe and qualitative life situation.



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