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FLIR T1020 (T1K)

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Now we are launching a thermal camera with high-class performance, which is based on all the knowledge and experience that FLIR has acquired over 50 years in the industry. The T1020 has a very good range, up to 3.1 MP resolution and can be adapted to any conceivable need. This is a tool that will really make your job easier.

The T1020 provides sharp images, accurate temperature measurement and great flexibility – everything you would expect from an expert with five decades of experience under his belt.

Measurement performance in the highest class
For environments with requirements for accurate temperature measurement, from wide-angle to telephoto lenses.
• FLIR’s high-resolution and highly accurate IR lens system OSX™ enables precise measurements at twice the distance
• The continuous autofocus function means that the camera follows your movements
• The advanced lens system OSX provides accurate measurements even in extreme conditions
• Unique beam path design that prevents heat sources outside the field of view from causing measurement errors

Exceptional image quality
An extra sensitive detector and powerful image enhancement with UltraMax™
• 1,024 x 768 detector provides the best resolution among all FLIR handheld cameras
• Very high thermal sensitivity of < 0.02 °C at +30 °C, twice as good as the industry standard • UltraMax™ super resolution quadruples the number of pixels to 3.1 MP, providing clearer details and increased accuracy • MSX® highlights visual details on the thermal image Features and user interface designed for the expert Compact design, responsive user interface and fast report generation make your work day easier so you can be more productive • Programmable buttons make it easy to configure the camera to suit you and your workflow • Dynamic, user-adapted focus control that gives full control over images • Extensive analysis capabilities thanks to full-resolution radiometric recording and full-frame video


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