18-19 october 2023

The biggest show within electrical installation, lighting and fiber in the Nordic

Welcome to Elmässan, big event for the electricity and lighting industry! We have been organized at Kistamässan, Stockholm since 2004 and are today an obvious meeting place for thousands of electricians, installers, project managers, property owners and many more.

Do you want to discover the latest products and news in installation, lighting and fiber? Then you’ve come to the right place. At the fair. Sweden’s leading suppliers exhibit and give you the solutions on how to make your work more efficient.

Every year, we also have a packed seminar program on two stages where you can increase your knowledge and competence around new rules, laws and standards. Completely free of charge!

What's happening at Elmässan?

There is a lot going on at the Elmässan! Hundreds of exhibitors, a full program of seminars, competitions and half-day conferences, and much more…

Do you want to exhibit?

Do you have the products and innovations the industry needs? Welcome to contact us to put together your stand package at the Elmässan!

We are a smart event

You as a visitor can gather information about the stands you visit by flicking your visitor card at their reader. Smart and efficient!

Visit us in Malmö!

Elmässan in Malmö takes place at Malmömässan every two years. It has been organized since 2012 and is a unique meeting place as it runs parallel to its sister fair FastighetsMässan. Together, a larger meeting place is formed with clear synergies in areas such as solar energy, charging and lighting.

Do you want to know more about the Elmässan in Malmö? Check out the website.



Stockholm is the flagship show of Elmässan. The meeting point has become the annual gathering spot for the electrical industry and has an important part of its development. This is a big, well established and known show in the biggest region in the Nordic. The show has its own lighting area where approximately 80 companies exhibit. It is also here the prestigious prices “The best electrical innovation” and “The best innovation within lighting” are crowned.



Elmässan Gothenburg is the latest invention in our Elmässan-family. This is the new meeting point for the west-coast and it is arranged in a new-built and modern  exhibition hall. The concept is the same as for every other Elmässan shows, although parallel a new show is arranged- the Light & Design show. This makes the meeting point unique and exciting  and allows you to make business over the boarders. The date for the show is after the “Light & Building” show, which makes Elmässan Gothenburg the only arena to launch their products in Scandinavia.

dimmig skog


Elmässan Norr är en efterlängtad mötesplats för hela norra Sverige. Vartannat år arrangeras den på Nolia i Umeå, och är ett direkt resultat av en skapad mötesplats utifrån våra utställares önskemål. Syftet är att på ett enkelt sätt samla den viktiga övre delen av Sverige, på en mötesplats för att förenkla för utställaren i form av långa resor och många timmar i bil för att träffa kunder och prospekts, och för besökarna att få en samlad bild av trender, nyheter och framtid inom elbranschen.



Sedan 2006 har Elmässan Syd arrangerats i Malmö tillsammans med Fastighetsmässan och Skydd & Säkerhet. Inför 2020 har vi valt att bryta loss Elmässan och låta den stå på egna ben. Det innebär att vi har förfinat konceptet, för att låta Elmässan vara just det den är bra på – en renodlad mötesplats för el, belysning och fiber, med tydlig lokal anknytning för södra Sverige.

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