Why visit us?

Reasons why you should visit!

Focus on new products

Elmässan is by far the best platform for finding new products that simplify your way of working. Here you can unabashedly test, pinch and feel the latest innovations before making your purchase. In addition, you can give direct feedback on products and services directly to the manufacturer, which allows you to contribute to the development of new products that simplify your everyday life!

New way of thinking!

Development, competence, external monitoring and constant delivery. There are high demands in today's society. In addition, the end customer wants you to do your job quickly, easily, without costing too much and with sustainability in focus. Why did you choose that switch? Isn't that more expensive? More economical in the long run, but I want it cheapest. Maybe you struggle with people questioning what you do. Get the answers to the questions, and win each forward argument - we all have the answers to the hard questions, and how to challenge the end customer to think differently.

Have fun!

Elmässan's value words are community, knowledge, joy and development. This permeates our entire venue and is something you can always expect on the spot. We touch on important subjects, millionaires are made on the exhibition floor and we gather the vast majority of professionals in the industry. But it's also important to have fun with their colleagues in the industry, something we hope you can have with us! To help with the pile we organize mingles, have inspirational lectures and fun activities in the stands.

Competence development

As an electrician you have one of Sweden's most important professions. It also places high demands on you in your professional role. To constantly juggle with new standards, security, laws and regulations is not easy and finding time for

On stage

As usual, we have a seminar program filled with lectures tailored for you. The latest trends, new standards, news in lighting and lots of other inspiration are somethings you will learn about on two different staged. In addition, the entire program is free of charge. How fantastic!

Generate more money

Business is the most important thing about the show. We want you who visits us to make more money, and become more successful in your profession. We have gathered all possible tools for you to generate more business for your company. You do this through skills development, a strong network and the right products to make your work as simple, efficient and environmentally smart as possible.

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